Key Projects

Rio Tinto: Rail Capacity Enhancement Project

BNEC have been the main electrical contractor on various parts of one of Rio Tinto's most ambitious, milestone development programs: the "Rail Capacity Enhancement Project".

  • 7 Mile RSM Workshop Upgrade

    BNEC is a lead contractor for the electrical and communications installation at this new maintenance facility for Rio Tinto's automated, driverless locomotives and rail stock. Involves the installation and commissioning of a vast, integrated communication system that employs world-class, cutting edge technology.

  • Trip Services Facility

    BNEC completed the electrical, instrumentation and communications installation of "Trip Services Facility (Locomotive re-fueling station)" at 10kp Port Lambert.

Autohaul Project: Rail Response

BNEC completed the electrical and communication installation of the Rail Response offices for the "Autohaul project" - a rail line that runs from Tom Price to the port facility at Dampier.

Cape Lambert Area Lighting Reconstruction

BNEC undertook the electrical repair of area lighting at the Cape Lambert port facility after it was severely damaged by a cyclone in 2013.