CCTV, MATV and Digital Theatre Systems

We provide complete solutions for television and audio-visual system, from CCTV and MATV installations for a wide range of settings including mining, industrial and construction sites, education, retail, banking, healthcare and hospitality.


CCTV systems not only play an important part in preventing crime, but also ensure that you have a record of all activity on your ptremises. CCTV systems also enable rapid response from security services and are extremely cost effective. They can be monitored remotely and as such reduce false alarms as well as providing and ongoing visual record of all important activities/events on your premises. We provide:

  • A wide range of hardware/software options
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Repairs and upgrades of existing systems

Master Antenna Television (DTV/MATV)

Private television distribution networks purposely designed to relay digital television radio signals from a central reciver to numerous dwellings such as campus sites, hotel and motel rooms, office buildings and school rooms. In fact any multi-unit sites. They are often used to transmit to digital billboards such as seen in some airports and train stations. This enables centralised channel, program and billing management. We provide:

  • Solution design
  • Installation and project management
  • Free to air reception (ie: antenna)
  • Digital transmission system
  • Structured cabling (coaxial, CAT5. CAT6 and fibre options)
  • State of the art hardware
  • Remote access/management

Digital Theatre

In home, office and campus theatres have become very popular in recent years. The cost of installing an audio-visual solution complete with surround-sound varies according to the size of the room, the scope of the project and the budget. For example, aditional services such as intercom, CCTV and internet may also be integrated, but the AV system may be extended to multiple rooms with individual tuner, music and audio control.

  • Designs limited by budget
  • Complexity is hidden by easy to operate controls
  • Discrete speaker options including ceiling mount and hidden systems
  • Integration options include gaming, intercom, CCTV and internet
  • Multi-room control options include wireless touch controls
  • Music server options including iPod and iPad integration
  • Outdoor extensions